GreatRidge Station

Sometimes, SOPs Go Awol

November 19, 2020

May I offer a grand mea culpa. In the midst of an upgrade, we experienced a minor derailment.

I lost no data (thankfully), but I'm out of commission until I can replace the technology that gave out. Easy job, but this problem came up today. The replacement is on the way, but I await its arrival. 

I do not know if this brings a halt to season 4, but I still have scripts waiting to be recorded. When the technology gets back online, I'll continue where we left off (whether that's Season 4, through the end of 2020, or with Season 5, in early 2021). 

By definition, this is a Romans 8:20 moment. Behold: frustration. 

Thanks for your patience, and I'll be back soon. 

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