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The Fragile Expert

The Fragile Expert

January 31, 2019

So, you're an expert, now? Congratulations. And Beware!

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The Glamour of Leadership

The Glamour of Leadership

January 24, 2019

This episode explores the myth of The Glamour of Leadership. No such thing, but still, leadership is worth pursuing.

Red-Shirt Leadership

Red-Shirt Leadership

January 17, 2019

It's an odd fact that our expendability can be a source of value, both personally and for the organizations where we serve.


Noel Tichy, The Leadership Engine.

Noel Tichy. The Cycle of Leadership.

The Challenge of Pressing Leadership

The Challenge of Pressing Leadership

January 10, 2019

This time, he's naming names, talking about how pressing leadership has made a difference.

Sources mentioned:

Bellasco & Stayer, Flight of the Buffalo

John Miller, QBQ, The Question Behind the Question

Ernie Kovacs -- Mr. Question Man

You Don’t Want To Be A Hero
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